Apple’s Third Quarter Results Have Been Released

Straight out of Cupertino, Apple has reported on the financial facts and figures of the third fiscal quarter of 2020. Ending a couple of days ago, on June 27th, this quarter has been one of the most interesting in the tech world, due to the global pandemic.

According to the data released today, Apple earned a revenue of approximately $60 billion dollars, which is an 11% increase from the same quarter last year. Interestingly, the report states that 60% of this quarter’s revenue is comprised of international sales. This goes to show that Apple continues to be one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

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According to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, a combination of Products and Services, alongside with their pre-existent market share has contributed to stay on an stable financial position. Also, Cook went into a tangent to talk about the role Apple’s products and services play in this situation. On the note of recent events, Apple’s Racial Equity and Justice Initiative was talked about, as well as their goal to become carbon neutral in 2030.

Apple’s Board of Directors have also issued a new cash dividend of $0.82 cents per share, and a four-for-one stock split. These changes will bring a new way of decisions on the financial landscape for Apple.

Emilio Morales
Author: Emilio Morales

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