Day One Journal version 5.0 for iPhone and iPad launches

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Appleosophy | Day One Journal version 5.0 for iPhone and iPad launches
Day One

The developers at Bloom Built Inc have released their fifth version of their journaling app, Day One Journal. It is one of the most popular journaling and writing apps in the App Store.

Its fifth version of the app comes with the following new features:

The first one is Sign in with Apple, which was introduced last year in iOS 13. It enables users to sign in easier, will not enable companies to track the user or spam their email, and enable users to hide their email as well.

Users of the Day One app who already have a Day One account can transition their account over to Sign in with Apple as well.

The “On this day” feature has renamed as “Today,” which ties in the five parts of the journal; location, date, calendar events, your photos and the entries you have made that day.

The new “Today” feature in Day One Version 5.0

Another new feature of the app is a new “Media Picker.” It comes with the following features, according to a blog post from the company:


  • Easily toggle between your photo library, the in-app camera, and the video recorder to add photos and videos to your entry.
  • We removed the related tab and now group your photo library content by location and time of day.
  • Now photos will be added to the entry in the order you select them.
  • New zoom buttons in the photo picker help ensure you pick just the right photo.
All of the new features of Day One Version 5.0, which includes the new “Today” feature, Sign in with Apple and the updated Media Picker

Day One does cost $3.99 a month or $34.99 annually and can be subscribed to through Apple. The new update is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It is also available on the Apple Watch and Mac.

Do you subscribe to Day One Journal? Will you start subscribing now thanks to this new update? Let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.


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