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Rumor: Kroger stores could get Apple Pay support after trial run at QFC stores

It has been reported by WLWT 5 in Cincinnati that Kroger grocery stores could be getting Apple Pay support after all.

Kroger is the parent company to Quality Food Centers (QFC), which is based in Washington, and has started bringing Apple Pay support to its stores, as we reported last month.

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According to the report by WLWT, Kroger has stated that if the Apple Pay/contactless payment method support has a successful trial run at QFC, ¬†there’s a chance it could be brought to Kroger stores.

At this time, there are 61 QFC stores in the United States, with Kroger having over 2,700 grocery stores.

QFC president Chris Albi is excited about the new technological advances its stores have made.

“QFC is excited to pilot contactless payments powered by NFC technology, providing our customers with an additional way to pay for their fresh food and household essentials,” he said. “The contactless payment solution will help make life easier for many of our customers and provide the freedom of choice among various options, including cash, debit, credit and check.”

With QFC stores accepting Apple Pay in its stores, it also enables Apple Card users to get 2% in Daily Cash on each purchase they make in its stores.

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