First Impressions: OtterBox Defender Pro case for the iPhone 8 Plus

I recently made the purchase of a new OtterBox Defender Pro case for my iPhone 8 Plus at my local Walmart. This was done because I was previously using an Apple-branded leather case on it and not only had it seen better days, but that it was just time for something different for myself.

I have used OtterBox cases before, such as with my iPhone 4S, iPhone 6 multiple iPads, and have grown to love them and the durability they provide.

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The only issue I ever had was on my iPhone 6 OtterBox Defender case, which would not allow me to use Touch ID on it after a while. Sure, I could just use my password to get into the phone, but it became an issue when making purchases with Apple Pay.

I did do one Apple Pay transaction at a local gas station with my new OtterBox case where I was able to pay at the pump and the NFC readers had no issues “talking” to one another, so it was a easy and successful transaction.

With this new OtterBox case for my iPhone 8 Plus, the first thing that I like about it is it feels nice in the hand. The material used for it has an adequate grip to it, making me feel as though I have a better chance of not dropping it.

Another part of the case I like is how rugged it is. I know a lot of people who hate this, but I’m in the minority where I like that. It gives you the security of knowing that if you do drop the phone, it should be fine.

Lastly, the case still supports wireless charging.

My iPhone 8 Plus in its new OtterBox Defender Pro case on my Audbos wireless charging car mount

This is an important part for me because I have a car mount that can charge my iPhone 8 Plus wirelessly. Not only am I grateful that the case and its bulkiness still fits in it, but I can still get that wireless charging from it.

Stay tuned for my review on this product in the near future. If you have any questions that you want us to answer, let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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