Review: OtterBox Defender Pro Series case for the iPhone 8 Plus

Over the last week and then some, I have been able to use my new OtterBox Defender Pro Series case on my iPhone 8 Plus.

For starters, what I like about it is that it has a great feel in the hand. It has both the durable feel to it, as well as an easy way to grip it. While I do not drop my iPhone that often, it’s nice to have the mental security where if I do drop it, I know it will be safe from harm’s way.

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The next item I would like to point out is the design of it. While a lot of people might not like the fact that OtterBox has gotten away from showing the Apple logo on the back of the phone, I actually like that it is not there.

The rear of my OtterBox Defender Pro Series case on my iPhone 8 Plus

When using the company’s previous cases on my old iPhones like the iPhone 4S and iPhone 6, I found that the silicon around the Apple logo would tear after a while. Now that issue has been eliminated.

My old iPhone 6 with its blue OtterBox Defender case on it that still has the old hole for the Apple logo to show that is not available on my new OtterBox Defender Pro Series case on my iPhone 8 Plus
My old blue OtterBox Defender case for my iPhone 4S.

The Touch ID panel of the case has been fixed so that it no longer covers up the ring after a short time of usage. This was a problem I had on my iPhone 6 OtterBox Defender case.

Another cool aspect of this case is it still supports wireless charging. If I’m in my car or at home using a wireless charging pad, even with this rugged of a case on, it still supports the feature.

However, there is one fault with the case.

My one problem with this case is that it is hard to put in my pocket. This may be my own problem since I tend to wear skinny pants/jeans, therefore, the pockets are a lot smaller and narrower than a typical loose-fitting pair of pants.

My black OtterBox Defender Pro Series case on my iPhone 8 Plus in the pocket of one of my pairs of pants

I could probably put it in my back pocket if I really needed to, but that is usually where my wallet goes and I don’t want to feel like I’m sitting on a rock if I do have to sit on it.

Other than that issue, this is a pretty solid case and one that is great for those who either drop their phones often or just want a great case to get them through another iPhone cycle.

I’ll give this case 4/4 stars and see that it stays in my life until I eventually decide to upgrade to a new iPhone.

Rating: 4/4 stars

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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