Three Documentaries coming to Apple TV+ this fall: ‘Tiny World’, ‘Becoming You’, ‘Earth at Night in Color’

Apple TV+ will debut three new documentary series this fall, each of which offers a different viewpoint on the world and also a new perspective towards human development.

“Tiny World,” “Becoming You,” and “Earth At Night In Color,” are coming this fall to Apple TV+ and will be narrated by Paul Rudd, Olivia Colman, and Tom Hiddleston respectively.

Tiny World (Premiering Oct. 2)

Source: Apple
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The Golden Globe Nominee, the Ant-Man actor: Paul Rudd himself, will narrate all six “Tiny World” episodes that will show us the world through the eyes of the smallest animals.

“Tiny World” takes a unique perspective on the natural world, exploring the ingenuity and resilience of the smallest animals on the planet. Brand new camera technology allows us, for the very first time, to see the world through the eyes of the tiniest creatures and witness the extraordinary things they do to survive. “Tiny World” is produced by Plimsoll Productions, and written and executive produced by Tom Hugh Jones. Dr. Martha Holmes and Grant Mansfield also serve as executive producers on behalf of Plimsoll Productions.”

Becoming You (Premiering Nov. 13)

Source: Apple

This six-episode docuseries will explore the first 2000 days of 100 different children’s lives. “Becoming You” will be narrated by none other than the Oscar and Golden Globe Winner,  Olivia Colman.

“Becoming You,” a global child development series that explores how the first 2,000 days on Earth shape the rest of our lives. Told through the eyes of over 100 children across the world, from Nepal to Japan and Borneo, each episode offers a thought-provoking look at how children learn to think, speak and move, from birth to age 5. It underscores how different our journeys can be, but ultimately tells the story of our shared humanity and community when it comes to raising children. This series is produced by Wall to Wall Media and is executive produced by Leanne Klein and Hamo Forsyth.”


Earth At Night In Color (Premiering Dec. 4)

Source: Apple

The final documentary, “Earth at Night In Color” provides a rare look at the lives of nocturnal animals spanning six continents from the Arctic Circle to the grasslands in Africa. The viewers will be able to have a colorful view of what these animals do after the sun sets as the Golden Globe Winner, Tom Hiddleston narrates the six episodes.

“Earth At Night In Color” uses next-generation cameras to reveal the nocturnal lives of animals, in color, for the first time ever. Filmed across six continents, from the Arctic Circle to the African grasslands, this pioneering series follows the moonlit dramas of animals at night, revealing new insights and never-before-seen behaviors. “Earth At Night In Color” is produced by Offspring Films. The series is executive produced by Alex Williamson and Isla Robertson, and produced by Sam Hodgson.”

The trio of documentaries is different from the usual genre and will excite and entertain the viewers as they go through the episodes to learn more and more about the world they live in.

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