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YouTube removes Picture-in-Picture support on Safari for iPhone

We reported earlier this week that YouTube had enabled Picture-in-Picture support when using Safari on your iPhone.

Picture-in-Picture on the iPhone is one of the newest features on it with the new iOS 14 software update that was just released this week.

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However, it looks as though YouTube has removed support for the feature. Look at the GIF below to see the problem:

As you can see, when accessing the Picture-in-Picture icon and then leaving the fullscreen player, it makes it so the video goes back to YouTube’s player.

The Verge has reported that the only users who are not having trouble using Picture-in-Picture with Safari on YouTube are ones who are subscribed to YouTube Premium.

The support has also been removed from other iPhone browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox

The good news is Picture-in-Picture support is still available from Safari when using it on the iPad.

Picture-in-Picture working in the top-right-corner of my iPad fifth generation from Safari

Are you disappointed in not having Picture-in-Picture support from Safari on the iPhone? Do you just want to see Picture-in-Picture in the YouTube iOS and iPadOS app already? Let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

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