Apple Introduces HomePod Mini: Their Newest, Most Affordable Smart Speaker.

Today, after months of rumors and leaks, Apple has unveiled HomePod Mini. With an all-new design and features, the newest member to the HomePod family has been presented at the October 2020 Special Event.

With a new, sleek, and compact design, the new three-inch speaker has every feature one would want out of a smart speaker. With a rich and deep sound quality, a great Siri experience, and a new way to interact with the rest of your HomeKit devices, this new product aims to be the quintessential smart speaker for all iOS users.

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The original HomePod was a great speaker, with an audio quality that went ahead from the one found in most smart speakers. Fortunately, HomePod Mini had the same goal in mind. With an Apple-Designed driver, force cancelling radiators, and the powerful Apple S5 chip, it can optimize the sound that comes out of it and make the audio quality just perfect.

Siri is the element that makes this speaker smarter in every way. Apple’s smart assistant can offer a great, personalized experience for all the members of your family. With the use of the Siri improvements from iOS 14 and the voice recognition features, you can ask her whatever you want and get a response in seconds, no matter where you are or who is asking. Also, new features like Ambient Sounds and the Intercom System make this a great speaker to use at home.

Apart from these features, the biggest surprise is the integration of the U1 chip inside the speaker. Users with an iPhone 11 or the newly announced iPhone 12 will be able to use a new and exciting Handoff experience that interacts directly with the speaker in an intuitive and modern approach to listening.

The new HomePod Mini will be available in late November with a MSRP of $99 USD, in Space Gray and Silver. With its new and exciting features, this is the best smart speaker for iPhone users, fitting perfectly into the Apple Ecosystem.

Emilio Morales
Author: Emilio Morales

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