TeamApple News’s Apple Christmas Gift Recommendations 2018


Christmas right around the corner, there are still many of you out there who are looking to get gifts for your friends, family, loved ones and maybe even yourself if you have the right budget and are in the right place at the right time. Still, with that said, here are some suggestions for those who are not as savvy about this kind of stuff and are looking to get that “perfect” for their special someone this year.

  • iPhone: For starters, when it comes to the iPhone, I would recommend the iPhone Xr if you are looking to buy something brand new. It is the cheapest of all of the new iPhones, yet is still taller than the iPhone Xs. It may not have as many features as the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, but it is still a great upgrade for those looking for a new iPhone for Christmas.
  • iPad: For those looking to do some pro work such as edit video, create art or someone who just has to have the newest thing, we would recommend the new 11-inch iPad Pro because of its insanely great design and the fact that it can do all of the pro work you need and then some!
    • However, for those looking to buy one for their kid or someone who just wants to watch videos, browse the web, a little bit of shopping and send emails, then we would recommend the iPad 6th Generation. It’s much cheaper than any of the iPad Pros and will do exactly what the person needs.
  • Apple Watch: The Apple Watch Series 4 is going to be the best bet since it is the newest and contains a plethora of health features, such as the ECG scanner that can accurately measure your heart rate. The product is already known to be savings lives too. It comes in two new sizes, 40mm and 44mm, and will have plenty of colors and styles of watch bands for the person to go through. Plus, the Apple Watch is pretty great when it comes to app notifications. Depending on what apps you install on it, you can get your text messages, calls, email and your weather updates too. The Apple Watch apps also allow you to open them so that if you want to check the score of the Indianapolis Colts game, you can do so from apps in the watchOS App Store.
  • MacBook: For those looking to just do web browsing, watch videos, write emails and/or papers, the MacBook Air would be my recommendation. It is for the average person who just wants to do the basics of the internet without getting too advanced. If you have someone who is looking to do pro work like video editing, photoshop and use a variety of other pro tools, we would recommend the MacBook Pro or get them an Apple Store or Best Buy gift card so that they can pick it out and make sure they get the right one that is best for them (this implies to those who wouldn’t know what they are doing when it comes to computer shopping).
  • Mac (desktop): I’m going to say the 21.5-inch iMac. It may not have the newest of new parts and components, but for what it still does, I’d say that it is still going to get the job done for most people.

Other notable items to get for Christmas for someone could be gift cards to iTunes, the App Store or an Apple Music gift card. In fact, those would make great stocking stuffers or be great for someone who does not know someone all that well (perfect for Secret Santa shoppers).

Either way, those are my recommendations for the Christmas and holiday season this year. Be sure to let us know in the comments on whether or not this article helped you or gave you some guidance as for what to get that special or important person in your life for Christmas, if you were planning on getting them an Apple product for Christmas.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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