Apple Releases iOS 14.1 GM to Developers

Apple has released the third developer beta of iOS 14.2 which is being been tested since last month, along with this release Apple has released iOS 14.1 GM to developers, which was mistakenly rolled out to the public, before being pulled.

iOS 14.1 is the version that will come with the iPhone 12. iOS 14.2 with Shazam integration in the control center, previously discovered by Appleosophy Media Designer Anton Bulzomi in July and new emojis will most likely remain in beta for a while longer.

iOS 14.1 now has support for the new HomePod Mini and its features, along with minor enhancements to the Home app.

iOS 14.1 GM is available to developers exclusively through an IPSW file on the Apple Developer portal. It is likely that iOS 14.1 will launch to the public next week ahead of the iPhone 12 launch.

Holden Satterwhite
Author: Holden Satterwhite

Founder of Appleosophy and Redfruit Media. Twitter: @hesatter

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