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Verizon Customers May Need to Change Plans to Use 5G UW on iPhone 12

Many Verizon customers who intend to purchase the new iPhone 12 will need to change their current plan in order to access and use Verizon’s new 5G Ultra Wideband.

Customers plans who have a 5G plan may not have 5G UW and should check their plan before ordering an iPhone 12 device.

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Customers who intend to order an iPhone 12 device, should consider changing their plan to one which includes 5G UW, as many new plans, offer perks and deals.

Below is an image from 9to5Mac showing various 5G plans from Verizon, with 3 including 5G Ultra Wideband.

Verizon 5G plans
Image Credit: 9to5Mac

Customers who receive a notice, even if their plan seems compatible or matches the name of current plans is due to 2019 and 2020 plan changes.

The plan pricing hasn’t changed but the addition of 5G and 5G UW on the new-2020 plans.

You can check Verizon’s coverage map here 

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