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Appleosophy | Review: Apple News+

Apple News+ has been out for well over a year and has changed the way people read and consume magazines and newspapers from their Apple devices.

I have been using the service for the last couple of months on my iPad fifth generation and have my own thoughts on it.

Appleosophy | Review: Apple News+

The two publications that I did check out were Macworld and MacLife for obvious reasons. They are Apple news publications, after all.

Pages on the service are clear and vibrant. When I was reading both of the magazines, although I knew I was reading stories from my iPad, it didn’t feel like I was. I also didn’t feel any eyestrain when reading the pages either.

Another good aspect of the service is one there is a new issue of a publication you are subscribed to, you will get a notification on your Apple devices that it is available to read.

Plus, it is pretty much the Netflix of magazines and newspapers. It won’t have every publication out there, but it will have enough to keep you busy for a while.

Appleosophy | Review: Apple News+

Other than those features, that’s pretty much where good things from this service end.

For me, I don’t see the point of Apple News+ when it comes to news magazines and newspapers. When it comes to the news, most people today get their news from social media and other online sources. I don’t believe most people are going to wait until a digital magazine or newspaper is released.

Sure, the convenience of having the magazines and newspapers right from your iPhone, iPad or Mac is great. However, it’s kind of outdated if you think about it.

Appleosophy | Review: Apple News+

I don’t mind the regular Apple News app since it provides me news from all of my favorite news sources, but when it comes to magazines and newspapers, it’s a no from me.

In a time where every piece of news is becoming a digital article on a website, it is hard for me to recommend a service like this that is technically giving you old news, whether it was from yesterday or from weeks or months ago.

Overall, Apple News+ gets 2/4 stars from me. While it is great that it has all of these publications and costs just $9.99 a month, but at the same time, it’s not worth it for the average consumer and it doesn’t provide enough publications or features to win me over as a consumer.

Rating: 2/4 stars

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