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Apple Stores in France close as it goes in a nationwide lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 has recently hit 7 million cases and is ever increasing. As France fears of a second wave of the novel coronavirus cases, it’s government has decided to put the nation in a complete lockdown. The lockdown goes into effect on October 30th

Apple will be temporarily closing as many as its 20 stores spread around the country. French President Emmanuel Macron announced that the lockdown will stay in effect till December 1.

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Apple had previously opened “Express Storefronts” which served customers in a quick manner, not allowing anyone to enter the store or have any Genius Bar meetings without prior appointment. As of writing three stores have already transformed into such Express Stores.

As of October 29, eighteen Apple Stores outside of France have been temporarily closed, most of which due to COVID-19. Other closures occurred in Philadelphia as demonstrators protested. All 509 Apple Stores which closed previously had opened earlier with minor temporary shutdowns under way in different parts of the world.

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