Apple overtaken by Xiaomi in terms of global smartphone sales

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Apple has fallen down to fourth place in smartphone market share year-over-year for the third quarter of 2020. Reported by IDC [which does not stand for “I don’t care”] shares insight on exact specifics of how Apple ended up in the fourth place.

The report, whose focus period was Q3 2019 to end of Q3 2020 reports that Apple has an 11.8 percent market share, with upto 41.6 million devices shipped. This is a 10.6 percent shink in Apple’s growth for Q3 2020, partly due to the delayed launch of iPhone 12. 

Xiaomi claimed Apple’s position with 46.5 million devices shipped & 13.1 percent market share. This is a 42 percent year over year increase, aided by markets such as India and China where Xiaomi dominance is very obvious. 

Samsung took the spot for the largest smartphone maker by volume, with a whopping 80.4 million shipments and 22.7 percent market share. 

This was followed by Huawei with 51.9 million devices, 14.7 percent market share. Huawei reported -22 percent year-over-year growth, majorly due to the US’ decision to not ship Android for Huawei devices. 

Vivo also made it to the Top 5 with 8.9 percent market share and 31.5 million devices activated. 

IDC expects Apple to reclaim its lead relatively soon. Watching the iPhone 12 launch and pre-orders with exceptional trade-in offers, it expects iPhone 12 series to sell excellently, at least within the United States. 

According to the report, the maket declined by 1.3 percent year over year, exceeding IDC’s prediction of over 9 percent. This low number was achieved partly due to the help of the Indian market, the second largest smartphone market in the world. Brazil, Indonesia and Russia are other emerging markets. 

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