Five great products, accessories and services to gift this holiday season

As we get deeper and deeper into this year’s holiday season, we tend to think more and more about what we are going to get those special people in our lives.

Here are some products, accessories and services one may want to consider when out shopping either online or in-person.

  • USB-C hub: Over the last few years, Apple has released new versions of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, and both of those laptops need USB-C hubs in order to have ports such as a USB-A, SD card and HDMI. If you are looking to go all out for this, we would recommend this one from Best Buy for $99.
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  • iTunes/App Store gift cards: These can always make for good stocking stuffers. They’re not too expensive, starting out at $15, and are available at most retail stores and gas stations across the country. The cred can be used in iTunes, App Store, Mac App Store and Apple TV app.


  • Disney+ bundle: If you know someone who is a big Disney fan and would not mind the ads on Hulu, this could make for a great Christmas gift for someone out there. It costs $12.99 a month and will include Disney+, ad-supported Hulu and ESPN+. If you’re unsure about it, please read our review of the bundle.


  • Day One Journal: Do you have someone in your life who likes to write or maybe seems like someone who could see the benefits of having and keeping a journal regularly. Day One is one of the best journaling apps for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. We have a review of the app to help make your decision as well. The app is free, but Day One Premium costs $34.99 a year through Apple. Click here to see the features Day One Premium has.


  • Apple Cash: Believe it or not, this is a great way to give money safe and securely as a gift this holiday season. Best of all, the person can use it from their iPhone or Apple Watch at wherever Apple Pay is accepted. This could be at Best Buy or Target to get a case for their iPad, or be used for something as simple as getting gas at a gas station or pizza at Little Caesar’s.

Is there anything we missed? What do you think should have made it on our list this year? Let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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