Sling TV Gets Temporary Agreement on Select FOX Channels

As of last night, the contract between Sling TV and some of their FOX channels such as FOX Sports RSN, FX and National Geographic Channel.

Sling TV and DISH (Sling TV’s parent company) have had to negotiate with Disney, the new owner of a plethora of FOX networks (excluding the FOX Sports RSN stations) in order to keep the channels on their service.

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The temporary agreement is so that the talks between Sling TV/DISH and Disney can still go on, but also keep the channels running so that their customers can still enjoy them while the talks go on.

In a statement made by FOX Sports RSN, they said this about the extension:

“The FOX Sports Regional Networks and DISH/Sling have reached a temporary extension while we work together towards an agreement for carriage of these networks. Thank you for your continued support and check back for future updates.”

Another issue that has come with this is that although Disney is the one negotiating this new contract for the FOX Sports RSN, Sinclair Broadcasting Group will soon be the owner of those networks once they officially do take ownership. Sinclair purchased the FOX Sports RSN channels from Disney for $10.6 billion in May 2019.

In a statement provided to Cord Cutters News by a spokesperson for both FX and National Geographic Channel:

“Our contract with DISH for the FX and National Geographic networks is due to expire soon, so we have a responsibility to make our viewers aware of the potential loss of our programming. However, we remain fully committed to reaching a deal and are hopeful we can do so.”

Both FX and FXX on Sling TV only contain on-demand content and do not contain an actual live feed of the networks.

It is unknown how long it will take for Sling TV/DISH and Disney to come to a new agreement for streaming their channels on the service. We can only hope that it will be soon, given the fact that the MLB has just started its second half of the season and the 2019 college football season is right around the corner, as well as the 2019 NFL preseason too.

Sling TV is available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV and Mac. Both the Sling Orange and Sling Blue plans are available for $25 per month.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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