Exclusive: iPhone 13 and “iPhone Fold” Development Process

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Appleosophy | Exclusive: iPhone 13 and “iPhone Fold” Development Process
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This year has been packed full of leaks ranging from things like the Apple TV and iPads to the iPhone 12 series and even the entire Mac lineup. But It seems as though 2020 isn’t over in terms of leaks quite just yet. In fact, it looks like we are going to be kicking the 2021 season off early! In this article, I am going to go over some common misconceptions about the iPhone 13 series as well as the “iPhone Fold” and also touch on the current development cycle of each of these devices. So, without any further hold ups let’s get into it!

Let’s get started with the questions and rumors surrounding the “iPhone Fold” because I know that’s why everyone is here. Recent reports have supposedly detailed everything from a launch date to the pricing and more. Let me start this off by saying that both of these sources have been cited as having the lowest possible trackable accuracy rating on AppleTrack. With that said I’m here to say that nothing other than the launch date should be even remotely considered here. These claims are completely baseless and have no true merit behind them. The “iPhone Fold” is currently extremely early in development. From what I am told, my sources have seen no officially working units, and have only seen dummy devices to demo the tech as well as showcase the hinge as a viable option in its current developmental state. No working devices have been transported back to Foxconn for testing according to multiple sources reportedly familiar with the matter. Always remember that it is only the ending months of 2020, and we still have at minimum two years (currently) until we see this device, and that is assuming it makes it through testing and prototyping. Now, let’s move onto the iPhone 13 series, shall we?

The iPhone 13 series is set to be one of the most anticipated iPhones in recent years, second only to the iPhone 12 series of this year and it’s for two reasons. The first is the hope of a smaller notch yet again, and the second is the infamous rumor of it being portless. The iPhone 13 series of devices have the potential to make up for these past few years of having the same notch and even the lightning connector, though it’s not exactly seen as the best solution to what many have deemed a problem. As reported by Jon Prosser on his YouTube show Front Page Tech, at least one portless iPhone 13 model is set to launch in September of next year. Currently, Apple has no plans to go full portless next year as they know a transition like that would be too violent of a shift from the current Lightning/USB-C ecosystem everyone is used to. Personally, I believe that this is a step in the right direction, strictly because Apple is dead set on going portless one way or another. It’s better to have a one device transition that then leads into a fully portless lineup in the next one or two years. This gives a good intro into the portless ecosystem as well as allowing Apple to gauge public reception on a portless device. While I do believe it is in the best interest of Apple to have a full USB-C ecosystem instead of a portless one (at least for now), I do enjoy the approach they are going with as of now. This new portless iPhone is going to be sporting the same design as the current 12 series iPhones, and will also come in the same display sizes. They will be sporting the next-generation A15 series chips as well as upgraded RAM in the Pro series devices. We are possibly going to be seeing the addition of a 1TB storage option, however, this is yet to be confirmed and is purely talk from engineering according to my source. New color options have not been talked about as of yet, however, it is always possible old colors get swapped for new ones like this year’s Pacific Blue. Expect to see 120Hz on the 13 series, as Apple has plans to sort the issues with battery usage issues as well as sorting out display panel providers. The prototyping process has been smooth for the 13 series thus far, but as per the usual it is still extremely early and hardware to demo new features has not even been made yet to my understanding.

All in all, it’s looking like 2021 is shaping up to be the year Apple comes back from the issues that 2020 has caused everybody. With them scheduled to launch the 16-inch MacBook Pro sporting an upgraded version of the M1 chip at WWDC to kick off the 2021 product year, it is looking to be a great year not only for Apple but us as consumers as well.

Thank you for checking out and taking the time to read my first article after starting work for Appleosophy! I plan to improve my ability to deliver accurate news in a way that is best for the readers, and I hope you will stick around for the ride!

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