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Report: Rumored high-end “AirPods Studio” headphone launch is imminent

According to a new report from AppleTrack, Apple may be planning on launching their high-end studio headphones, coined “AirPods Studio,” as early as tomorrow. The possible launch coincides with the rumored “December surprise” that well-known leaker @L0vetodream tweeted out last month.

According to multiple sources close to Sam Kohl, YouTuber and owner of AppleTrack, Apple is gearing up to launch their high-end “AirPods Studio” as soon as this week. AppleTrack mentions the highly-anticipated headphones may launch as early as tomorrow, but that can change.

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Late last week, MacRumors¬†shared details on an internal memo meant for AppleCare Technicians. In the memo, Apple advised technicians to “prepare for new product SKUs, new/updated product descriptions, and new/updated product pricing.” According to MacRumors, Apple typically sends these memos to technicians right before a product launch, with the last memo being sent prior to the release of the iPhone 12 models.

AppleTrack¬†says that customers can expect the “AirPods Studio” to feature premium sound quality, automatic play/pause similar to AirPods and AirPods Pro, with instant pairing with Apple devices and noise cancelation coming later.

Are you excited for the long-rumored “AirPods Studio?” Will you be picking up a pair when they release? Sound off in the comments.

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