Biggest flex on the subway : Caviar announces $108,000 Pure Gold AirPods Max

If you thought the regular AirPods Max are very cheap for your taste, Russian company Caviar has got you covered. The company has announced it will be making a $108,000 USD AirPods Max plated with pure gold. The company plans to ship these at a later date in 2021.

“Sometimes expensive enough isn’t the right choice, sheer flex is” 

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Caviar is well known among technology enthusiasts for making absurd products like this, from the 24K Gold iPhone to the iPhone with a piece of the moon, Caviar pretty much knows what they’re doing. In 2020 alone, Caviar has sent multiple special edition iPhones to reviewers to showcase their craftsmanship. These ‘one-of-a-kind’ devices are meant to reflect your status symbol. In Caviar’s own words these new AirPods Max, “looks elegant, emphasizing the status of the owners and their impeccable taste,” for the people who “want to always be on top.”

This news triggered a meme fest on Twitter with popular YouTubers like Marques Brownlee & Safwan AhmedMia being the first to join the meme train.

Caviar says the AirPods Max will be available for buyers in white & black colour options with ‘pure gold’ plated ear cups and telescoping headband adjustment stems. Caviar also appears to be using snakeskin for the headband.

In the end, if you want to flex big time while cancelling outside noise, you can check these out. However. note that these ‘pure gold’ AirPods Max will be much heavier than its original counterpart.

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