Apple’s iPhones bags 9 out of top 10 smartphone activations on Christmas Day 2020

Apple’s iPhones are famous in the United States for their ecosystem, exclusive services like iMessage & FaceTime. According to a report from Flurry Analytics, Christmas Day 2020 in the US has shown strong demand for the Cupertino company. The report states that nine out of the top ten smartphones activated on Christmas were iPhones.

Flurry Analytics have formulated a comprehensive report to understand consumer trends and preferences in the United States. Christmas Day has seen the highest number of new smartphone activations, which makes it the perfect day to analyse consumer behaviour.

Image source : Flurry Analytics

According to the report, iPhone 11 was the most activated smartphone followed by the iPhone XR. This is the second year in a row where the iPhone 11 has taken the crown. These two are followed by iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12. This is suspected due to the surge in demand for the Pro Max in the preceding months. iPhone 12 has claimed a bigger market share than its ‘high-volume’ counterparts, particularly on the Christmas Day. This is in line with Apple’s year-over-year trends. The company’s iPhones surge around its launch due to early-adopters. iPhone 12 and iPhone SE made twenty to thirty percent gains on the 25th when compared against its preceding 7-day average. This shows iPhone 12 & iPhone SE were among the most gifted during Christmas.

iPhone XR showed a zero percent increase on Christmas Day, showing it might not be gifted to friends and family as much as the SE and the 12, but still remains one of the most popular iPhones amongst consumers. 

The only non-apple device to enter this ranking was the LG K30, the company’s budget smartphone. K30 showed a massive 181% increase in activation over its preceding 7-day average. Overall, budget smartphones like the iPhone SE and iPhone 11 dominated the ranking. iPhone 12 mini did not make it to the top 10 most activated, indicating the smaller form-factor to be limited to a niche class of consumers, for the moment. 

Image source : Flurry Analytics

The report also states that Christmas 2020 has seen a decline of about 23 percent year-over-year. Flurry suspects this is due to limited gathering, financial hardships trigged to the pandemic, or a more spread out gift-giving this year. 


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