Review: Little Caesars mobile delivery in 2021

A little over a year ago, it was announced that the Little Caesars pizza company was going to start delivering pizzas to customers. 

Since it has been announced and launched, customers have the option of placing an order through the company’s website or app and get their pizzas and items delivered right to their doorstep. 

It is a service that has become more useful due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

While it is always good to see a big or small restaurant of any sort begin to deliver and enable customers to order from their mobile devices, I was not impressed with the service I received with Little Caesars when I ordered delivery. 

For those unaware, due to a recent move from Sheldon, Iowa to Des Moines, Iowa, I am now in a location that not only has a Little Caesars in it, but one that gives you the option for deliveries. 

I made the final stop of my move on Sunday, January 3, and decided that after a long day of being on the road and unpacking all of my stuff, that I did not want to get back on the road and do more traveling. I just wanted to sit in my apartment and watch the season nine premiere of “Last Man Standing” that evening on FOX.

Last man standing

 So, I did what any reasonable person would do, which is to get food delivered. I chose Little Caesars, put my order in the checkout and paid for it with Apple Pay thanks to some Apple Cash I had. 

I was told the order would come between 6:12-6:17 p.m. So I sat in my new apartment on my couch and waited for my pizza to come. 

Instead of my pizza getting to my apartment by 6:17 p.m., it did not not arrive until after 6:45 p.m., therefore, it was 30 minutes late. 

On top of that, although the pizza was there, along with my Crazy Bread, my two-liter of Mountain Dew was missing.

Little Caesars

It was like that scene from classic “Spongebob” all over again. 

IMG 8200

Thankfully, since I am such a fan of Mountain Dew and essentially live off of it, I had some in my refrigerator that I could have with my dinner. However, it still irritated me that I did not get it with my order. 

It is with everything said here that I must give Little Caesars delivery a 1/4 stars. Yes, I am aware that some cities, like the one I live in now, deliver with DoorDash and other food delivery services that are pretty much reliant on what the restaurant gives them. 

The fact they forgot my two-liter of Mountain Dew is a big loss, not only because I bought and paid for it, but that it was supposed to go with the pizza. If I did not have my own Dew in the fridge, I would have had to drink water. That might sound alright to some, but soda and pizza go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s a sin to not have them included with your meal. 

Next time I have to go and order a Little Caesar pizza, I think I’m just going to go there and get it in-person. Time is a finite thing and it goes to waste when we are forced to sit and wait for a pizza that will only show up later than intended. 

Rating: 1/4 stars

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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