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Appleosophy | Review: Using Apple Pay at Redbox
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We were one of the first outlets to report that Redbox was getting Apple Pay support at its kiosks. 

Now the time has finally come for me to try it out. I just moved to a new location a few days ago and have been without internet and Wi-Fi in my new apartment because the service where I’m at has been booked for over a week. 

I guess this is what I get for living in the capital of Iowa. 

Still, having a recent move and no Wi-Fi in my apartment has given me plenty of free time on my hands and that is where Redbox came in handy for me this past Tuesday night, January 5. 

I found a Redbox kiosk at a gas station near me that had a movie that I had been looking to initially rent on iTunes and watch through my Apple TV. However, since that is not an option right now, I instead rented it through this Redbox kiosk.

I did use Apple Pay at the checkout because of the fact that I was looking to see how it all worked. Once the kiosk asked me to tap my device, I used my Apple Watch Series 5 to make the payment. Just like that, I had my DVD coming out of the slot and ready for me to watch. 

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The only thing that I wish I could have done was get a Blu-ray disc of the movie I watched because it would have looked better on my screen when I watched it on my PlayStation 3, which does work as a Blu-ray player. 

Other than that, Apple Pay at Redbox is fairly simple to use and it is something that I do plan to use again if I need to, which is why I am giving it 3/4 stars. It might even replace me going to iTunes to rent movies simply because renting DVDs from Redbox is much cheaper than using iTunes or the Apple TV app. 

Rating: 3/4 stars

What are your thoughts on using Apple Pay at Redbox? Have you ever used it before? Let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy

David Becker
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