AirPods Max warranty does not include Ear Cushions

9to5Mac reports that Twitter user Daimen Menn has discovered that AirPods Max‘s ear cups are not included in the Apple warranty.

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Twitter user Daimen Menn tweeted Apple’s replacement protocol to 9to5Mac showing Apple illustrating and showing users that the ear cushions must be removed before sending the headphones for repair. The replacement comes in a package with special fiber pouches to protect the ear cups, the fiber is used to protect sensitive components like sensors, circuit boards, and drivers.

There is also a pamphlet that instructs users how to easily remove the original cushions that came with the purchased AirPods Max. Luckily, removing them is easy due to the attached magnets.

Buying all-new cushions from Apple is a price of $69, way higher than the AirPods Pro’s silicone tips that are priced at $8.

AirPods Max is Apple’s first all ear headphones, revealed in a press release back in December and so far it has been sold out at Apple Stores, there are some difficulties with supply and shipment delays around many Apple Stores due to the disruption of the pandemic and online, Apple shows that the headphones arrive in March.

Heedo Abu Laban
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