Mercedes Benz Could Potentially Be in Talks With Apple to Develop Smart Car Project

2021 is off to a good start, with Apple rumors and leaks about what awaits us for this year of releases and updates. One of the most recent reports has indicated that Apple has started conversations with Hyundai to develop their Smart Car project. Now, a report states that Mercedes Benz is in the race to get the project.

The report, made by IT Homes, states that there are some conversations talking place between Mercedes and Apple, which will end soon with a possible deal to manufacture the car. Considering that Mercedes Benz is known as a luxury brand, this might be taken into consideration by Apple to create a top tier vehicle up to the known quality standards of the Cupertino based company.

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Even though a deal might be struck in these coming weeks, we might not see anything car-related directly from Apple in a while. Reports and rumors have been flying and contradicting themselves for a while. Some stating that we might see the Apple Car this year, while others suggest we won’t see it until 2027.

Regardless of what rumors and information comes around, we will continue to bring the latest news here at Appleosophy.

Emilio Morales
Author: Emilio Morales

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