It seems as though everyone and their dog wants a pair of AirPods right now, as they are a great way to get clear, great sounding audio, as well as the fact that they are truly wireless earphones.

Regularly costing $160, Amazon is currently selling the AirPods with the Charging Case for only $129, making it a nearly 20 percent off discount. Additionally, you can find the AirPods with the Wireless Charging Case currently available for $169 through them too.

Both products are some of the hottest tech products in the United States at this time, so any good sale that you can find on them can be hard to find at times. However, Amazon is the place to find great sales on both of these products today.

We don’t know how long the sale will go and will update this article when the prices go back to their original price. In the meantime, get them while you can for those interested since this is quite the deal today.