EXCLUSIVE: iPhone 13 Touch ID Leak

2021 started off with some interesting leaks about the new M series MacBooks, a brand new iMac, and some interesting leaks that got coverage from Jon about AirTags. Today I will be talking to you about some new information from a source that I have never worked with before. After asking around in my contacts for a few days, I was able to confirm to my standards that the information is accurate.

A new source coming from a new contact of mine has reported to me that Apple has transitioned from an optical in-screen fingerprint reader to a newly designed ultrasonics based reader solution. This transition is not a final transition and it is by no means a final say as it’s early on. I was told by this source that Apple has begun to manufacture display panels that contain a prototype ultrasonic under display fingerprint sensor that Apple will be using to re-introduce Touch ID in the iPhone lineup outside of the iPhone SE.

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This new scanner uses ultrasonic technology, which unlike it’s optical counterpart uses sound waves to make a map of your fingerprint that Apple will save and use to unlock your iPhone if you choose to not use Face ID. I was told that while Apple was originally satisfied with the idea of an optical solution but after testing they found that using the optical sensor they could not meet their minimum threshold for unlocks made by someone who isn’t the owner of the phone. After these initial findings Apple made the decision to start developing an ultrasonic scanner.

Currently, what I’m being told is that preliminary testing with these prototype sensors shows that they have a much higher chance of rejecting attempts to fake the fingerprint of the original owner of the device. These new ultrasonic scanners are showing to be a more preferred option among those who are developing and testing these new panels with these new sensors.

Thanks for taking the time to read through the article to hear about my new leak! I will be working on this story as time progresses and will post update articles as needed.

*As a note, you should NOT take this information as final. This was shared to me to showcase that Apple    has changed their minds early on in development,    but as always this is subject to sudden and instantaneous change at any moment without warning.

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