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Apple launches Chrome extension for iCloud Keychain

Apple has released an extension for Google’s Chrome browser regarding iCloud passwords.

The extension was silently revealed a week ago when an update for iCloud on Windows 10 listed a feature called “Support for iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension” although there was no announcement nor released back then.

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The browser extension is for iCloud Keychain, which lets you use passwords you saved in iCloud.

The extension is available on Windows and Mac, will if you store many passwords in iCloud and use Chrome as your preferred browser, this makes logging into websites much easier.icloud

Passwords that are created on Chrome in Windows will also be synced with Apple’s devices and if you used Safari to generate strong passwords, they will also be available on Chrome when you login using the extension.

iCloud Passwords is available on Chrome Web Store now for free.

Heedo Abu Laban

Author: Heedo Abu Laban

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