Apple begins selling refurbished M1 MacBook Air

Late last year, Apple released its new M1 MacBook Air with a starting price of $999.

We are now months past the release date, giving time for consumers to try out these new M1 Macs. The M1 processor is one that was designed and made by Apple as its way of no longer being reliant on Intel for processors.

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Now the day has come for consumers of all kinds to get refurbished M1 MacBook Airs for the starting price of just $849. At this time, all three colors of the MacBook Air, Space Gray, silver and gold, are all available in Apple’s Refurbished Store.

One of the differences between these MacBook Airs and the previous generation of MacBook Air are the new design, updated keyboard, Retina Display and Touch ID.

These Macs do have the capabilities to use features like Apple Pay right through the Touch ID sensor, which will enable it to verify who you are and complete your transaction.

MacBook Air Touch ID screen 10302018 inline jpg large

The Touch ID sensor will also allow for users to unlock their MacBook Air this way.

Touch ID

However, a major design change is these Macs no longer have MagSafe chargers, but instead have USB-C ports for charging.

Please note that these MacBook Airs are only available through the Apple Refurbished Store online and no through physical Apple retail stores.

What do you think of Apple finally selling the M1 MacBook Air in its Refurbished Store? Do you plan on buying one? Let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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