Apple’s Talks With Kia are Not Dead

Earlier this month, talks between Apple and Hyundai/Kia regarding Apple Car were reportedly paused.

Apple has reportedly put the talks with Hyundai and affiliate Kia on hold earlier this month to consider establishing deals with six Japanese automakers, but according to Chosun Biz via Reuters, the talks are not dead.

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The sources say that Apple signed a ”memorandum of understanding” with Kia that helps co-development on six projects from many sectors and that negotiations are not closed or abandoned.

An unnamed source familiar with negotiations said:

“Even if the negotiations on electric vehicles fail, there are many items that can be negotiated in other fields, so we are still optimistic about the possibility of partnership between the two sides.”

In January, Hyundai confirmed that there are talks between the Korean automaker and Apple to produce the Apple Car but when the media broke the news, Apple was not happy about the secret project getting revealed, so they were considering other automakers to ink the project with.

Cupertino is reportedly eyeing a slated launch of the Apple Car in a 2025-2028 date.

Heedo Abu Laban
Author: Heedo Abu Laban

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