Opinion: What it’s like to have more monthly data

Late last month, my family made the decision to finally upgrade our data plan. It was a long time coming. 

Previously, we had just 1GB of data per month between three iPhones. Yes, that’s a lot of iPhones for just 1GB. We would sometimes have 2GB of data if we had gone over the previous month, which would then carry over into the following month. 

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However, after going over consistently for several months, we made the decision to finally upgrade our data plan from 1GB per month to 10GB per month. 

While my mom and brother are not as addicted to their devices as someone like me is, they can get their usage out of it too, whether that is by checking what the weather is going to be like, doing some brief web surfing in Safari or just peace of mind that we’re not going to go over that month. 

For me, since I am in a new city, this enables me to more so use my iPhone as my GPS, which is something I have wanted to do for a while. The actual physical GPS I have been using since 2014 still works but is not as accurate as it used to be. 

The other feature I will be excited to use when the time comes is the hotspot one on my iPhone. If I am ever in the car and not driving or at a place that doesn’t have Wi-Fi available, I can use my hotspot on my iPhone to my MacBook Pro. It could be great for uploading articles to Appleosophy without necessarily having that normal internet connection. 

I’m also just excited about having more data so if I want to upload an Instagram photo or Story, I can do so without having to worry too much about going over for the month. 

Having more monthly data is not a necessity, but spending that extra bit of money does help with peace of mind and not stressing over when you’re going to go over. Those days are gone now. 

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David Becker
Author: David Becker

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