Apple Data Shows Increasing Diversity

Apple has revealed new company data showing increased diversity inside the workforce.

The company has provided a new report on diversity and inclusion. Apple’s last update on the workforce was back in 2018.

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Apple’s Vice President of Inclusion & Diversity said that:

“Inclusion and diversity are cornerstones of the global Apple community. We’re proud of the foundation we’ve built and clear-eyed about the challenges that remain. Together, we’re committed to continuing this journey with humility and resolve.”

Image By: Apple

According to Apple, there is an increased percentage of employees with underrepresented communities, 64%. Whites make up 47% of the workforce a drop of 3% since 2018, with Asians making up 27%, Hispanic/Latinx 14%, Blacks 9%, Multiracial groups 3%, and only 1% Indigenous people.

Cupertino has also been hiring more women, 34% of the workforce being female, with the 66% left is male, the company also said that since 2018, 42% of new hires have been female.

Apple has also been bringing new employees and hiring from inside to increase inclusive leadership, in 2020 43% of open leadership roles and 29% of research & development (R&D) roles were from underrepresented communities.

Heedo Abu Laban
Author: Heedo Abu Laban

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