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Walgreens updates app to enable store pickup purchases with Apple Pay

A new app update pushed out by the folks at Walgreens is making mobile app payments great again.

Yesterday, Walgreens released an update on its iOS and iPadOS apps that now enables users to make pickup order purchases through the app and pay with Apple Pay.

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This update came in Version 35.0 of the app. The update does not specifically say in the update that it is being added, but was added to it.

Here is what the update stated it did add:

“Same Day Delivery*

At your door in under two hours—get quick delivery of necessities and all your favorites, straight from your local Walgreens with no order minimums!

Upload from Google Photos

Easily upload images from your Google Photos app to order Walgreens prints and other photo products.

Plus, bug fixes and performance enhancements.”

Reddit user r/Gabriel2790 noticed this when he opened the app and went to make a pickup purchase in the app.

Walgreens app now accepts Apple Pay for pickup. Previously on shipping only. from ApplePay

What makes this addition to that app even more unique is the fact that Walgreens is a 3% merchant with Apple Card, so if users of it make a purchase with their Apple Card through the app (by pressing the “Buy with Apple Pay” button), they will get 3% in Daily Cash on their purchase.

Those who use Apple Card in Walgreens retail stores will get the same 3% in Daily Cash with the card when they make the purchase from their iPhone or Apple Watch.

myWalgreens rewards members can add their member card to the Wallet app on their iPhone and Apple Watch to be used for in-store purchases at the checkout too.

What do you think of this recent addition to the Walgreens app? Will it make you make more pickup orders through its app? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker

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