CARROT Weather 5.2 goes live

Appleosophy|CARROT Weather 5.2 goes live
Appleosophy|CARROT Weather 5.2 goes live
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Spring has sprung here in the U.S., and that means it is time for another major update for the CARROT Weather app.

Version 5.2 of the app was released today and it comes with a plethora of new features such as customizing options to allow users to put their own spin of the app to view, a new radar and maps section, choosing new fonts and other updates and improvements.

The full release notes can be view below:

“It’s allergy season, meatbags: a time for runny noses, itchy eyes, and major updates to your favorite weather app!

Customization Overhaul
Visit the all-new Layout screen to build your dream weather app. Customization is now faster and easier than ever before, with handy previews of each section so you can see your changes as you make them. (Premium required.)

New Sections
View the radar right in-line with the rest of your forecast with the new Maps section! There’s also a new Alerts section that’s useful if you like to see the titles of active alerts. (Premium Ultra required for the Maps section.)

Font & Text Size
Choose the perfect font and text size for your needs from the all-new Display screen. (Pro-tip: smaller text sizes can fit more data on one screen.)

Tide Data
Monitor the rise and fall of sea levels – while there’s still land for you to monitor them from. Enable via the Sources screen. (Premium Ultra required.)

New Content
I’ve hidden 4 new secret locations across the map. Plus: a new achievement!

But wait, there’s more!

– The horizontal Hourly Forecast sections can now fit up to 4 additional data points.
– The wind details chart now shows wind direction arrows.
– Simplified design of several sections, particularly the Hourly Forecast horizontal chart (which now shows up to 2 additional columns by default).
– Added a “now” option to Current Observations displayed summary (the text simply says “Clear”, “Partly Cloudy”, etc).
– The ClimaCell data source’s name has been updated to

Next up, my favorite time of year: hurricane season!”

CARROT Weather just released Version 5.0 a few months ago, which brought new life to the app with a complete redesign.

Appleosophy|CARROT Weather 5.2 goes live

While CARROT Weather is a free app in the App Store, it does have three tier-level subscriptions consumers can subscribe to so they can get the full functionality and features of the app.

The prices are the following for those subscriptions:

  • Premium ($4.99/month or $19.99/year) provides additional features like weather data sources, notifications, customization, widgets, and Apple Watch complications.
  • Premium Ultra ($9.99/month or $39.99/year) includes all the features of Premium, plus rain, lightning, and storm cell notifications (where available), a weather maps widget, and quick data source switching.
  • Premium Family ($14.99/month or $59.99/year) includes all the features of Premium Ultra, with the added benefit of being shareable with up to five family members via Apple’s Family Sharing service.

Of course, these can be subscribed to through the App Store with its in-app purchases.

CARROT Weather is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. There is an Apple TV app in the tvOS App Store, but that does not require any of the subscriptions above and does not have as many features as its counterparts.

Appleosophy|CARROT Weather 5.2 goes live

Have you ever used CARROT Weather before? What are your thoughts on the app and its Version 5.2 update? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

Appleosophy|CARROT Weather 5.2 goes live
Author: David Becker

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Appleosophy|CARROT Weather 5.2 goes live
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