Next MacBook Air Could Go Retro with Fun Colors

2022 MacBook Air Concept by Ian

Earlier this morning, Jon Prosser got an exclusive leak from the same source that reported fun colors of the new iMac, which Apple did announce last month. Now that the iMac is going retro, the next MacBook Air might follow suit. Come to think of it, this would all make sense.


Back in 1998, traditional and generic PCs were dull with their boring beige color. On May 6, Steve Jobs returned to Apple and broke the tradition with the unveiling of the original iMac. Throughout its first years, the iMac offered several fun colors, including the five delicious rainbow colors. Shortly after, the reception of the iMac was widely acclaimed, and people also wanted an “iMac to go”. That was when Apple introduced the iBook G3, which brought the same fun colors and Internet capabilities in a portable factor.

But since the next design for the iMac and iBook, Apple had been selling computers in one color until the M1-based iMac, which brought colors that represent the first official Apple logo. It’s evident that Apple is transforming its classic style into something modern, and it’s making it super clear that the Mac is essentially important with the transition to Apple Silicon.

What We Can Expect

For the next MacBook Air, we could see much inspiration from the original iBook. Those design cues would include white bezels, white keyboard, and most importantly, fun colors inspired by the new iMac. Whether or not you like white bezels, this will ensure customers to instantly recognize which Mac features Apple Silicon.

Ming-Chi Kuo has reported that this next MacBook Air would debut in 2022 with a Mini-LED display. Because of those premium features, it’s possible that Apple would still sell the current MacBook Air as its entry-level option like they did before.

With the next MacBook Air, Apple is already repeating history with its iconic design, Credit: 9to5Mac

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Nick Soong
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