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Space Gray Magic Accessories Discontinued

When Apple introduced the space gray iMac Pro in December 2017, it came with its color-matching keyboard with num pad, mouse, and trackpad. These peripherals became available as standalone purchases later in March 2018, but they’re $20 more than those of their silver/white counterparts.

Screenshot from apple.com

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Screenshot from apple.com

Screenshot from apple.com

After Apple discontinued the iMac Pro back in March of this year, some people wondered if it will keep selling those accessories. Today is Friday, and Apple seems to discontinue its own products on that day. As today is no exception, Apple discontinued those products, and they will continue to sell while supplies last.

Apple will release the 24-inch iMac as soon as next Friday. However, the color-matching accessories won’t be available as standalone purchases for the time being. Only time will tell as it’s still possible that Apple will offer those just as it did for its now-discontinued accessories for the iMac Pro.

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Nick Soong

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