Opinion: Seven years later using a Mac

As of today, May 27, I have been using a Mac for seven years. That Mac was a Mid-2012 MacBook Pro that I bought from Best Buy in 2014.

This is quite an accomplishment in my eyes since it is a device that I use almost every single day.

I’ll keep this brief because I know that many of you have things to do throughout the day. Still, these are the reasons that I am using the Mac.

  • It just works: I have used Windows 10 computers over the last seven years while I have been using my MacBook Pro, as well as having previously used many other versions of Windows. The deal is that Windows never works the way I want it to. At least in the way that I have used it in the last year, well, at least I can use an old wired Apple Magic Keyboard with it. The nonsense of having it automatically shut down when you’re doing work is borderline unforgivable. Additionally, when it comes to the Mac, it is a line of computers that work and function the way a computer should.


  • Syncing: This is probably big for high school and college students still in traditional classrooms, but texting from the Mac and having it all sync between your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is truly incredible. Even having apps like Apple Podcasts that remember where you were last playing podcast is really cool and convenient.


  • Design: Of course, design is a huge aspect of getting a Mac. These Macs are truly a designer’s dream computer. They do have a luxurious design, which add to the experience, and if you’re really smart about it, you can avoid it by finding and getting discounts on them. Even the 2017 MacBook Pro without a TouchBar that I purchased in 2019, I was able to get it $300 off the regular price because of a sale my local Best Buy was having. When it comes to buying certain Apple products, it’s all about the sales.

As for other additions I have made to my MacBook Pro over the past year, I have invested in it by buying third-party apps like the Grocery app, as well as acquiring a 10-ft USB-C cable for charging because you can never have a long enough charger.

The Mac and macOS have truly changed my life and for the better. It does help that I get to write about the Mac here at Appleosophy, but if it wasn’t for the Mac (and other Apple products), I cannot imagine how my life would be. I really can’t.

What do you think of the Mac? What type of Mac do you have and use the most? Do you have a favorite Mac design? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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