New AirPods Features Coming with iOS 15

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Apple just announced a bunch of new features coming to the AirPods lineup. New Find My features, enhanced Ambient Mode and other exciting functions were just announced earlier today in WWDC 2021.

You will never lose your AirPods again. Users will now be able to track their AirPods with the Find My Network. Using a low energy, encrypted Bluetooth signal, the AirPods can ping their location to other Apple devices, helping you find them in a much more easier way. Also, new separation alerts let you know if you have left your AirPods behind before it is too late.

AirPods Pro are also getting big enhancements in their Ambient Mode. Now, thanks to the beam forming microphones and the processing power inside the H1 chip, it will be easier for hearing impaired people to hold conversations in their day to day life.

Spatial Audio, one of Apple’s most hyped features from iOS 14 is now making its way to more experiences inside the Apple Ecosystem. Users will now be able to listen to thousands of tracks with Dolby Atmos support on the Apple Music app, and experience the magic of Spatial Audio. Spatial Audio in movies and shows is also coming to other devices across Apple’s product lines. Users with an M1 Mac or an Apple TV will be able to experience this amazing head tracking audio experience.

Apple continues to bring new improvements to their already stellar wireless headphones. iOS 15 gives the AirPods lineup a new breath of life, making us excited about what could come in the future for Apple’s biggest product in recent times.

Hope you get to enjoy some of these exciting features. We will continue our coverage of WWDC 2021 here at Appleosophy, bringing you the greatest and latest news.

Emilio Morales
Author: Emilio Morales

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