Would Slots be the Perfect Way to Boost Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade emerged in 2019 as a new way to play games on Apple devices. It seems that the company was enviously eying the revenue generated from freemium games in the App Store and it decided to shake up the marketing model when it comes to mobile games. It is estimated that freemium games generate around $21 billion per year in revenue, so Apple needed to think of a way to tap into this booming market. Apple Arcade is expected to grow massively in the next few years, but it could be helped even more if it was to embrace online slots as well as traditional mobile games.

Slots Have Helped Other Gaming Sectors Boom

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The reason why Apple should consider looking into adding a wealth of slots to its Arcade offerings is that these games have been used to boost several other gaming sectors over the last few years. There is no doubt that online slots such as Goldenslot have been behind the rise of the online casino industry. More recently, the games have helped to propel the bingo industry as well.

When bingo moved online it attracted a lot of the players who loved playing in the real world before. But the operators also needed to think of a way to appeal to new players who may not have played the game before. They did this by broadening the range of games available on their sites, with slots emerging in the early days of online bingo. Now, bingo slots are almost expected by players, and there are always various options to choose from. These include games like Rainbow Jackpots, Sweet Bonanza, and Honey Honey Honey!

Apple Arcade features a vast number of games that could be considered to be traditional mobile offerings. They can be played in short bursts, and are generally easy to get the hang of. Slots fit this pattern as well, and would not look out of place among the Apple Arcade options.

Apple Arcade Still in Its Infancy

Apple Arcade is still very much in its early stages, but it is expected to generate $4.6 billion in revenue by 2024. Apple plans to get at least ten percent of its userbase to subscribe to the service, as it attempts to compete with other subscription services such as PlayStation Now and Google Stadia.

Ten percent may be quite a conservative estimate in the number of players, however. This is because it has been found that 60% of smartphone users install games on their phones. In addition to that, the online casino and bingo industries are flourishing with players who play from mobile. If these people can access slot games from the Apple Arcade, they may be tempted to invest in the subscription as well.

There is no doubt that Apple Arcade will be a lucrative addition to the company’s offerings. But there are ways that its chances of success could be boosted further. Looking at the way slots have helped other sectors of the gaming industry to skyrocket, it may be wise to include these games in the Apple Arcade. With Google Play Pass now emerging as a competitor, it could be time for Apple to take the initiative with this and get ahead of its rival.

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