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Apple Imposes Crackdown on Leakers

Two days ago Apple began to crack down on well-known leakers like Duan Rui and Kang by sending letters to the leakers by law firms presenting them.

Via Twitter, Apple demands the leakers not to unfold information on unannounced products that could mislead consumers – the letters argue that the leaks give an advantage to the competition.

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No one sent a copy of the letters, and we know this information based on social media reports translated from Chinese.

In a Weibo post by Kang, the leaker notes that Cupertino is warning them not to post more leaks and they will not be allowed in any form. As a result, Kang “won’t post riddles and dreams in the future.” The leaker also warns bloggers that Apple will inspect posts that it sees as “infringement and abuse of commercial information.”

Recently, Apple commissioned a law firm and sent some letters in groups. I also received this group message. The content is probably that you can’t disclose what we haven’t published on the Internet, which will give Apple’s competitors effective information and also mislead consumers, because what is disclosed may not be accurate.

Duan Rui, Kang, and L0vetodream are all considered reliable leakers and are based in China. The three predicted the iPhone 12 lineup, HomePod mini, iPhone SE 2020, and many more unannounced products.

Heedo Abu Laban

Author: Heedo Abu Laban

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