100% of Apple’s Product (RED) proceeds going to pandemic relief for the rest of the year

Apple has reportedly extended their partnership with the (RED) foundation, directing all of their Product (RED) proceeds to pandemic relief until December 30. Starting last year with the iPhone SE, a share of the profits generated by these products have been directed to struggling communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This partnership was scheduled to end yesterday, in June 30. Today, Apple announced that they would be extending their partnership until the end of 2021. COVID is still a big problem in different parts of the world, affecting thousands, if not millions of people each day. This decision will be extremely helpful in the following months, since the race for vaccination in a world-wide scale has been one of the most important events in recent times.

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The efforts that Apple and (RED) continue to make to minimize the impact of the outbreak are truly commendable. They have helped raise millions of dollars throughout their 14 year partnership, being one of the major benefactors for the HIV/AIDS programs in vulnerable communities. Now, forwarding all of the proceeds from eligible products will help even things on our fight with the COVID outbreak.

Apple and their partners continue to break the mold and help the world with their products, wether it is a direct effort with their devices, or something like the current Product (RED) initiative.

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Emilio Morales
Author: Emilio Morales

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