Opinion: Should a “Secured by HomeKit” sticker exist?

Appleosophy|Opinion: Should a
Appleosophy|Opinion: Should a "Secured by HomeKit" sticker exist?
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If you grew up in the early 2000s or are an avid TV watcher, you’ve probably seen the ads over the years of ADT showcasing its security system, but most notably, the ADT sign in the front yard of a home.

What those ADT signs do is to let a possible intrude or criminal know is that if they go and try their mischief, there’s a good chance they’re going to get got more easily than a home without ADT.

It is that logic that could potentially bring Apple to create its newest sticker, a “Secured by Apple HomeKit” sticker that could be put on the window of a home or even something as simple as an embedded or external mailbox.

The mock-up sticker was created by Reddit user u/lukelmiller, who was the first one to come up with the idea (feature image above).

Apple does have a plethora of accessories and devices that support HomeKit. This includes cameras, sensors, security systems and locks. To see a full list of the accessories Apple sells that have HomeKit support, click here.

On top of showing that a home is protected with Apple HomeKit products, it could be a good chance for Apple to show the world that it does have a system for adding security systems and related products to its Home app.

Appleosophy|Opinion: Should a

It would also be a way for Apple to show off Siri and its capabilities with HomeKit products through its devices like the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and HomePod Mini.

Appleosophy|Opinion: Should a

Apple does have stickers that retailers and businesses use to show that they accept Apple Pay, with some other businesses adding stickers for App Clips support too.

What are your thoughts on the idea of a “Secured by Apple HomeKit” sticker? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

Appleosophy|Opinion: Should a
Author: David Becker

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Appleosophy|Opinion: Should a
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