Future iPads May Feature Stronger Titanium Enclosures

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Appleosophy | Future iPads May Feature Stronger Titanium Enclosures
The Pro Camera System on the iPad Pro; Image: Apple

According to DigiTimes, Apple is considering building iPads with a titanium-alloy enclosures in place of the standard aluminum enclosures we’ve seen today. Note that this isn’t the first time that Apple has been exploring titanium.

Back in 2001, Apple introduced the PowerBook G4 that was 1-inch thin and was in a beautiful titanium enclosure. However, the biggest weakness was that this enclosure was painted, so it would chip off over time, unlike the anodization process on the current aluminum products.

Ever since 2019, Apple has been selling the Apple Watch Edition lineup in titanium models. These models come with a bruised titanium design. One of the benefits that titanium offers is that it’s stronger than steel, yet lighter than aluminum. Apple has brought that material to its own Apple Card as well.

Because of the higher costs of titanium, it seems like it can be taken with a grain of salt. If Apple were to offer iPads in titanium enclosures, it would most likely be the iPad Pro, for it’s the flagship model. Apple is also looking for ways to make their own products durable. First, the upcoming ninth-generation iPad is reported to come equipped with an aluminum unibody enclosure that will be processed by PVD, which will be less prone to scratches. Lastly, Apple is looking to reduce the appearance of oily fingerprints with thin oxide surface coatings.

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