Report Claims Apple’s VR/AR Headset Will Require a connection to User’s iPhone to Work

Appleosophy | Report Claims Apple's VR/AR Headset Will Require a connection to User's iPhone to Work
Jon Prosser (Host of Front Page Tech)

A new report by The Information claims Apple’s highly rumored Apple VR/AR headset project will require a stable connection to the user’s iPhone to access the full set of features of this new product.

Just like earlier iterations of the Apple Watch, the iPhone will play an important role in most of the headset’s processing and wireless communication. This makes sense, since the required horsepower to make a stand alone headset just like Apple wants to will take some years to get to consumer products.

On the topic of power and processing, the report also claims that the SoC (System on Chip) that will be used in the early iterations of this new product line will not be “as powerful as the ones made for iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.” It most likely won’t include Apple’s Neural Engine as well as the Machine Learning Cores included in most of Apple’s processors.

In this report, it is also mentioned that the product is getting near a trial production phase. Apple’s longtime manufacturing parter Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing is set to be producing three different chips that might be used on the VR/AR headset.

While we are still waiting for more sources to come forward, it is highly rumored that this product will launch in the next two to five years, and the report only confirms Apple’s efforts to put this new headset in consumer’s hands.

We are no strangers to Apple and AR. Through the years, the folks at Cupertino have continued to push their efforts to AR and VR development. The LiDAR sensor and the high performance graphic cores on Apple’s latest iPhones are just proof that we will see a new bloom of AR experiences coming to the Apple Ecosystem.

These new efforts, as well as new software and hardware advancements in consumer products could push forward and make AR an integral part of Apple’s future in the next couple of years.

Of course, this is just a report, so take these news with a grain of salt. Here at Appleosophy, we will keep you updated on the latest and greatest Apple news. Wether it is new software, new hardware or announcements, you can trust us to be your go-to source for Apple news.

Emilio Morales
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