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AirTags Concept and Final Leaks

AirTags are a tracking device by Apple which has been leaked and rumored several times. Leaked by Apple on one of the support videos for “How to erase your iPhone” on the Apple Support YouTube Channel on April 2nd, clearly mentioned AirTags, first discovered by Appleosophy Editor Pururaj Dutta. Read more about it here.

Appleosophy Designer Anton Bulzomi, has designed an AirTags concept showing AirTags with its features and capabilities.

AirTags Concept Designed by Anton Bulzomi
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AirTags are rumored to be able to charge via an included charger similar to the Apple Watch or on a wireless charging mat such as AirPower. This was discovered on Twitter by @caleblin_apple who shared images of a supposed print test of the user guide.

AirTags are also rumored to feature a U1 chip, the same Ultra Wide Band chip used in the iPhone 11 series, for location accuracy.

Appleosophy Editor Pururaj Dutta made a prediction about the charging technologies in this year’s devices, ‘With AirTags having a Qi Wireless charger included in the box, similar to the Apple Watch, we can expect the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 to get Qi Wireless Charging Technology, using the same charger as AirTags. If the Qi Standard is used on the Apple Watch Series 6, it will solve most of the heating issues Apple was facing with AirPower. AirPower was canceled due to its heating issues and because it did not meet Apple standards. With all Apple devices having the same Wireless Charging Standards, there won’t be as many overlapping coils inside AirPower, partly solving the heating issue. If this happens then unfortunately only the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 may be compatible with AirPower”

AirPower with iPhone 12 and AirTag Concept

Anton Bulzomi has created an AirTags concept video demonstrating it’s features which you can view below:

Holden Satterwhite
Author: Holden Satterwhite

Holden Satterwhite is the CEO and Founder of Appleosophy Media. He manages a team of highly-skilled workers that love apple and their day-to-day operations. Holden loves collecting Apple products and lives in Austin, TX.

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