Upcoming Screen Details for Apple Watch Series 7

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Appleosophy | Upcoming Screen Details for Apple Watch Series 7
Upcoming Details for Series 7

Thanks to an all-new redesign with flat edges similar to those of the iPhone 12 and iPad, the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 has been highly-anticipated and possibly arriving later this month.

Based on the latest information, it appears the case sizes for the Series 7 will be 41/45mm (a 1mm increase from the 40/44mm from the Series 6). The refined design would give Apple a chance to increase the size of the display by up to 16% more pixels. We’ve seen a significant change before back when Apple debuted Apple Watch Series 4 with an increase in display size. With that larger display, Apple was able to create new watch faces specifically-designed for that display, including more detailed complications on the rounded corners.

It looks like that Apple is repeating history with the Series 7 as Bloomberg reported that Apple is making newer watch faces specifically designed for the Apple Watch Series 7. Similar to the Infograph Modular watch found on the SE and Series 6, the Modular Max watch face provides multiple larger compilations stacked on top of each other along with the digital time and small complication.

Inspired by luxury watch makers like Patek Philippe, the dual-dial world time watch face, which was allegedly leaked during WWDC 2021, shows 24 time zones simultaneously with respective time zones in each location. The upcoming Continuum watch face would dynamically change based on time and current hour.

For other editions, there will be a Hermes watch face that features big numbers that change according to the hour, as well as a dynamic Nike watch face that uses both the accelerometer and gyroscope to detect motion.

While we’re expecting the Series 7 to feature the faster S7 chip, recent reports stated that Apple is facing low-yield production issues with the Series 7, which could either launch with either initial limited supply or a delayed release altogether.

For future models, Bloomberg stated that Apple will launch the next generation Apple Watch SE alongside the long-rumored rugged-edition model designed for extreme sports.

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2 years ago

A watch where the numbers change on the hour! Shut up and take my money!

Chris Grainger
2 years ago
Reply to  Chris

The one time sarcasm can actually be understood on the internet! ?

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