CARROT Weather Version 5.4 released, includes many new updates

Appleosophy | CARROT Weather Version 5.4 released, includes many new updates
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CARROT Weather, an app that is considered different from the rest of the free and premium weather apps on the market, has released a major update today.

This is part of Version 5.4, and on top of getting the app ready for iOS 15, which is expected to be released today, the app now has a multitude of new features and improvements.

Here are the full release notes from the developer:

"Fall is nearly here, meatbags! And while you’ve been busy deciding just how obscene your Halloween costume should be this year, I’ve been hard at work on a major update to your favorite weather app.    Supersized iPad Widgets    My Forecast and Maps widgets take full advantage of the increased screen real estate in the supersized iPad widgets. (Automatic background updates require a Premium Club membership; the Maps widget requires Premium Ultra.)    Themes    Want to dress me up in some fancy new hues? Customize my background and accent colors from the Display screen. (Premium Club membership required.)    SF Icon Sets    I’ve packed in not one, not two, but three new system-style weather icon sets. Customize from the Display screen. (Premium Club membership required.)    Notification Upgrades    Rain, lightning, and weather alert notifications will be sent as “Time-Sensitive” by default so that they can bypass Focus filters. And you can now sign up to receive Critical Alerts for warnings that NOAA indicates have a high likelihood of “considerable” or “catastrophic” damage. (Premium Club membership required.)          Smart Complication    My new Smart Complication works similarly to the Cards in my main iOS app: you choose the thresholds for the different data points that can appear in the complication, and I’ll show the highest priority ones as conditions change throughout the day. Available for large complication slots only; set up from my iPhone app. (Premium Club membership required.)    Redesigned Details Screens    The Current Observations, Hourly Forecast, and Daily Forecast details screens have all gotten a facelift! They’re easier to read and include more meteorological goodness than ever before.    New Content    There’s a brand new achievement for you to unlock, plus nine - that’s right, I said NINE - new secret locations for you to hunt down.    But wait, there’s more!    - Added toast notification when Smart Layouts cause the current layout to change. (Tap the notification banner to disable the notification.)    - Added option at bottom of Layout screen to disable Smart Layouts.    - Added two new Daily Forecast vertical chart styles. Toggle “show temperature gradient” to switch between the two styles.    - Added an optional temperature gradient to the Daily Forecast vertical stack style.    - Added feels like and wet-bulb temperatures to the list of available data points for the Daily Forecast details screen.    - Added new 3-Day Forecast complication for the Infograph Modular face.    - Added option to hide the alerts button in the Apple Watch app.    - Added custom notification for wet-bulb temperature data point.    - Added option in Settings > General for VoiceOver users to enable the speech synthesizer.    Now go start gathering nuts for the winter. I’ve got a cold one planned for you."

Version 5.4 of CARROT Weather is a free upgrade in the App Store. CARROT Weather is a premium weather app that starts at just $0.99 a month and is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac.

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