Apple shares new ads for Apple TV+

Since November, when Apple TV+ firstly debuted, the streaming platform has significantly increased their content quality and pushed their boundaries to bring everyone the best Apple Originals.

Apple has showed all of that today when they have shared 3 new Apple TV ads, all for their well-known original series. As each of the new ads are about 30 seconds, they are the perfect choice to be shared on social medias or on commercial breaks on TV.

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Tomorrow, on May 1, Apple continues to expand its library by adding new episodes to the beloved series Defending Jacob, a whole new season of the British comedy series “Trying” and more episodes fo the Ghostwriter kids series.

By the end of May, Apple plans to release a new animated musical series called “Central Park” and a documentary series called “Dear…”.

Mihnea Bondor
Author: Mihnea Bondor

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