Apple Makes Its Polishing Cloth Available for $19

Credit: Apple

Unannounced at Apple’s “Unleashed” Event, Apple has added its own polishing cloth to its online store at $19. This happens to be the same cloth that has been included with the $4,999 Pro Display XDR (and that doesn’t include the Pro Stand, which is at a laughable price of $999).

This cloth has never been included for the rest of Apple’s products. For years, Apple actually had included a polishing cloth across many of its Mac models, including the MacBook Pro and iMac. At some point, Apple has reduced the number of accessories included with the products to what is necessary for the product to work. For example, Apple has eliminated the power adapter and EarPods in the shipping boxes for the most recent iPhones. At some point, the big company also has stopped including the power extension cord for its lineup of MacBooks.

With the polishing cloth now as an official Apple accessory, this cloth can be used to safely clean any Apple display, even the nano-texture glass found in the 2020 27-inch iMac and Pro Display XDR. What’s even more ironic is that the cleaning cloth does not seem compatible with older, vintage Apple products. If you go to its product page, you’ll see that iPhone models up to the iPhone 5s (2013) and iPad models up to the 4th generation (2012) are not even listed on the compatibility website. Since the polishing cloth does not any hardware technically, it should be compatible with any display. For further simplicity, Apple should remove that compatibility section altogether.

In the end, do you really need to spend more money just to flex on an official Apple polishing cloth? Unless you have a nano-texture display, most likely not. If you have any objections, let us know in the comments below. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram. Also – make sure to subscribe to our new video podcast on YouTube! 

Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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