Rumor: “SportsKit” could be a new feature on Apple TV app

Apple has been looking for new ways to expand the Apple TV and the Apple TV app, and the company’s newest exploration is with sports.

“SportsKit” is a new keyword that has been found by 9to5Mac for iOS and tvOS apps. These “SportsKit” references have been found in the iOS 15.2 beta that was released late last month. It is still unclear if these “SportsKit” mentions are related to Siri or widgets.

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In 2019, Apple had talks with the PAC 12 Conference on bringing programming from it to Apple TV+ and in 2020, the company hired a now-previous member of the Prime Video sports department.

There have also been rumors that Apple has been in talks to get the NFL Sunday Ticket for Apple TV+ users, but there have been other rumors to suggest that it could go to ESPN+ since it is owned by Disney and has its content on Hulu too.

It is unknown when “SportsKit” would be released or if the NFL Sunday Ticket would go to Apple TV+ users. However, in the meantime, stay tuned to Appleosophy for the latest news regarding this.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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