Apple to Launch a Fully Autonomous Electric Car by 2025

Apple rumors are back, and this time they are from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. It states that Apple is working towards the development of its Full Self-Driving electric car. Bloomberg said that Apple had plans for two types of self-driving cars. One is with limited self driving abilities and the other with full self driving capabilities which has no human intervention.

This project is progressing under the leadership of Apple’s Vice President of Technology Kevin Lynch. The project codenamed “Titan” is also said to feature interiors similar to Lifestyle Vehicle Canoo and will be without any pedals or steering wheel.

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As far as infotainment is concerned, it could have an iPad-like touchscreen in the middle of the car which will let the users interact with it. It will also feature a chip developed by Apple’s Silicon Team and is said to be the most advanced chip Apple has developed yet.

Apple plans to build a vehicle stronger than what Tesla and Waymo are offering right now. It is also hiring engineers to build and test the safety featured and backup systems in case of any failure. The company is using Lexus SUVs for testing purposes.

Earlier, there were reports of Apple hiring Tesla’s former Autopilot Software Director Christopher Moore.

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